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SunSirs: London Tin and Shanghai Tin Rose at Night
September 08 2020 08:45:12SunSirs(Linda)

On September 6, the BPI of the Commodity Price Index was 778 points, which was the same as on September 5, which was a drop of 23.65% from the cycle high of 1,019 points (2012-04-10) and 660 points from the low of February 03, 2016. An increase of 17.88%. (Note: Period refers to 2011-12-01 till now).

SunSirs data monitors the BPI index curve of the commodity price index as follows:

The Tin Commodity Index on September 6 was 73.93, which was the same as on September 5, a decrease of 26.25% from the highest point in the cycle of 100.25 points (2011-09-05), and an increase of 72.49 from the lowest point of 42.86 points on December 9, 2015. %. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to present).

In late New York trading, the U.S. dollar index rose 0.06% to 92.8208, rising for four consecutive days, up 0.57% for the week; offshore renminbi rose 0.17% against the U.S. dollar, USDCNH reported 6.836; the US non-agricultural data was released in August, recording an increase of 1.371 million. An increase of 1.4 million people is basically in line with market expectations, and the previous value was revised down from 1.763 million to 1.734 million; the China Securities Regulatory Commission: China’s "bull market short bear market mayor" market has disappeared normally, which will further expand the scope and target of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Connect investment ; Crude oil market: last Friday crude oil (as of 3 a.m. Beijing time on September 5) spot Brent closed at 41.21 US dollars / barrel, a month-on-month decrease of 0.36 US dollars, or 0.87%. ) WTI closed at US$40.15/barrel, down US$1.57 from the previous trading day, a decrease of 3.76%. LME outer metal was all red, LME copper rose 3%, LME aluminum rose 0.9%, LME zinc rose 0.64%, and LME nickel rose 1.73%. Lunxi rose 0.25%, LME lead rose 1.93%; the domestic futures market rose more and less, Shanghai copper rose 2.26%, Shanghai aluminum rose 0.39%, Shanghai zinc fell 0.28%, Shanghai lead rose 0.16%, and Shanghai nickel rose 0.47%. Shanghai tin rose 0.23%, thread fell 0.03%, and stainless steel rose 0.17%.

London tin trend: Last Friday, the LME London tin closed up slightly by US$45/ton, and closed at US$18,185/ton.

Shanghai tin trend: the main Shanghai tin contract in the night trading closed up 330 yuan/ton, and closed at 146,060 yuan/ton.

The current tight supply at the mine end continues. The current supply of tin ingots in the market is still acceptable, and there is a certain degree of resistance in the downstream. The downstream performance is average, and the procurement is based on demand.

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