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SunSirs: Dichloromethane Continued to Rise in Shandong This Week (June 1-5)
June 08 2020 10:31:09SunSirs(John)

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, after experiencing continuous declines, the dichloromethane market in Shandong began to rise. The average price in Shandong this week was about 2,100 RMB/ton, and it rose to about 2,200 RMB/ton on the weekend, a 4.76% increase during the week.

The sharp rise in the market price of dichloromethane in Shandong this week was mainly affected by two factors. First, the overall start of business of the enterprise was relatively stable during the week, and the spot market supply was acceptable. Due to the continued decline in the price of dichloromethane in the early period, traders bottomed out, and market transactions improved, the bullish mentality of the industry increased the buying atmosphere, and the production company's inventory fell significantly, and the intention to sell prices was better. At present, the quotation in Shandong is about 2,200 RMB/ton, the price in Jiangxi is about 2,300 RMB/ton, and the price in East China is about 2,100-2300 RMB/ton. Secondly, the price of raw material liquid chlorine has stopped falling and rebounded. In some enterprises, the equipment inspection and correction were recovering. The market supply was relatively small, and the downstream market demand has improved. Both directions were favorable to support the sharp increase in liquid chlorine prices. At present, the liquid chlorine in Shandong is about 700-800 RMB/ton. Downstream refrigerant market prices were gradually picking up. Manufacturers with quotas strongly resisted the low price of refrigerants and began to cling to the price, but the downstream demand was still light and the market gaming sentiment was strong.

On the other hand, the methanol market is adjusted at a low level, and the company resumes after overhauling. In addition, the port stocks are high, and the supply pressure on the methanol market has increased sharply. However, methanol is currently at a historical low, and some companies are on the verge of loss, with strong intentions to push prices, and the room for downward adjustment is limited. At present, the average price in Shandong is about 1,612 RMB/ton. The overall demand for the downstream solvent film pharmaceutical industry is mediocre, and it is mainly needed to purchase.

Analysts of the methane chloride data of SunSirs believe that at present, the production of dichloromethane production enterprises is at a relatively high level, the spot supply in the market is stable, the downstream market just needs to be purchased, and the completion of the stock is good. The inventory pressure of dichloromethane enterprises is likely to rise, and it is expected to maintain stable operation in a short time.


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