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SunSirs: This week, the price of mild steel plates rose first and then fell (04.13-04.17)
April 20 2020 15:11:10SunSirs(Molly)

1. Price Trend

According to SunSirs price monitoring, this week (April 13, 2020-April 17, 2020) prices of medium and heavy plates increased. Standard mild steel plates (Material: Q235B; Specification: 20) The price on April 13 was 3556 yuan / ton, and the price on April 17 was 3562 yuan / ton, up 0.17% from the beginning of the week. Judging from this week's trend, the domestic medium and heavy plate market is expected to stabilize in the next week.

2. Analysis of influencing factors

From market feedback, at the beginning of the week, stimulated by the rise of futures rebar and a large number of transactions, Shencheng Construction Materials continued its upward trend last week, and spot prices rose successively, with a cumulative increase of 30-50 yuan / ton. However, after the price was raised, the transaction was weak. From mid-week, as the rebar rose and fell, the business sentiment gradually weakened, and the spot price showed a trend of shock and callback. On Thursday, affected by the rumored news of Tangshan's production limitation, the market mentality returned to positive, low-level resource transactions improved, and spot prices stopped falling and stabilized.

Judging from the inventory data, this week's building materials social inventory continued to decline, which shows that after the accelerated recovery of demand, the destocking process maintains a good rhythm, or may have a certain boost to the current spot. It is worth noting that after the steel mill profits have been repaired, the production enthusiasm has also been released, and the supply pressure in the later period is still not to be underestimated.

According to feedback from traders, at the beginning of the week, the market quotations generally followed the rise of futures and the general rise in the external market; mid-week, the snail callback, most of the external markets changed from rising to falling, the local leading steel mills were weak, and the market quotations were small Callback; After Thursday, stimulated by the news of Tangshan's production limitation, market confidence has been boosted, and quotations have stabilized.

3. Future market forecast

This week, the domestic construction steel market showed an upward trend and then a downward trend: Before Tuesday, under the stimulus of the accelerated release of demand, steel prices in various places rose slightly. Starting from Wednesday, dragged down by the black futures, the market prices in some regions fell back high. As the weekend approached, under the influence of the news, business sentiment improved, and prices rebounded. The steel stocks continued to decline this week, indicating that after entering April, the nationwide demand just returned to normal, which brought a certain boost to spot prices. After the domestic economic life order is back on track, this trend is expected to continue. However, as the output of steel mills has increased, the time for destocking has been continuously lengthened, and the supply-side pressure has not been eliminated in the later period. In addition, foreign epidemics have not been completely controlled, global financial risks exist objectively, and some uncertainties will also have a negative impact on the domestic market. As steel mills have profit margins and the contradiction between supply and demand has not been fully resolved, we are cautious about the market outlook. Supply and demand rebounded synchronously, and steel price rebound was limited. It is expected that the domestic medium and heavy plate market will stabilize next week.

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