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SunSirs: Lido Continued and The Price of Yellow Phosphorus Rose Steadily Last Week (9.9-9.12)
September 16 2019 10:13:09SunSirs(John)

1.  the price trend


According to the data from the SunSirs' big list, the price of yellow phosphorus in Yungui areas rose last week. The average price of yellow phosphorus was 18 600 RMB/ton on September 9 and 18 833.33 RMB/ton on September 12. The price rose by 1.25% in a week.


  1. Analysis review


Product: Last week, the price of yellow phosphorus continued to rise compared to the week before last, and the spot of yellow phosphorus in various places was still very tight. At present, the yellow phosphorus enterprises in Guizhou have stopped production in an all-round way, and some enterprises in Yunnan and Sichuan have stopped quoting, mostly with forward orders. The yellow phosphorus market is short of spot supply, enterprises are mainly on the lookout, and the actual high-price transaction is very limited. At present, the main quotation of yellow phosphorus in Yunnan is 18500-20000 RMB/ton. The main quotation in Sichuan is about 18,000 RMB/ton.


Industry chain: Last week, the phosphate ore market was mainly operated stably. The trading atmosphere in the market was light and the transactions are general. The coke price temporarily stabilized this week, and the mainstream price of Panzhihua coke (secondary metallurgical coke) market was 2080 RMB/ton. The market price of downstream phosphoric acid rose overall last week.


  1. Market outlook


Yellow Phosphorus analysts of SunSirs believe that the price of yellow phosphorus continued to rise last week, the spot of yellow phosphorus was tight, and the operating rate was low. But with the price rising, downstream users are cautious, high-end market negotiations are weak, trading atmosphere is general. In the follow-up, the yellow phosphorus market is expected to adjust mainly in a narrow range, and the fluctuation space is still limited.


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