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Phosphorus yellow News
SunSirs: Active Trading, the Market Price of Phosphorus Yellow Increased This Week (April 4-11)
April 12 2024 14:53:57SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the monitoring of the commodity market analysis system of SunSirs, the phosphorus yellow market had slightly increased this week. The average price of phosphorus yellow was 22,660 RMB/ton last Thursday, and 23,060 RMB/ton this Thursday, with a price increase of 1.77%.

Analysis review

The market price of phosphorus yellow had increased this week. As of April 11th, the trading situation in the phosphorus yellow field was good, and downstream procurement was more active. The new orders from manufacturers were doing well, and most downstream were preparing for the May Day holiday. Overall, the phosphorus yellow market was relatively active, with some factories experiencing tight spot prices. As of April 11th, the market quotation for phosphorus yellow was around 23,000-23,200 RMB/ton, and the actual transaction was negotiable.

In terms of phosphate rock, the phosphate rock market had temporarily stabilized and operated steadily this week. As of April 11th, the reference average price of 30% grade phosphate rock in China was around 1,062 RMB/ton, which was the same as April 4th. The phosphate rock data analyst from SunSirs believes that the overall performance of the downstream demand side of phosphate rock was average, with downstream users mainly focusing on rigid procurement. The market's new orders were relatively cautious, and there was a certain wait-and-see sentiment in the market.

In terms of coke, the coke market in Shandong ports hads been operating weakly this week, with a quasi first level outbound price of around 1,770-1,800 RMB/ton and a first level outbound price of 1,870-1,900 RMB/ton. The spot market in ports had been operating weakly, and the market atmosphere had slightly improved. The wait-and-see sentiment was strong, and trading was light.

In terms of phosphoric acid, the market price of phosphoric acid was temporarily stable. The average price of domestic thermal phosphoric acid market this week was 6,540 RMB/ton. The phosphoric acid analyst from SunSirs believes that there was temporarily a shortage of new orders in the market, and the trading atmosphere was cold. The price of raw material phosphorus yellow had increased, and the phosphoric acid market was operating steadily and improved.

Market outlook

The phosphorus yellow analyst from SunSirs believes that the downstream stocking situation was relatively positive, with tight spot prices on the market and good confidence in the phosphorus yellow market. It is expected that the phosphorus yellow market will continue to operate to be stronger in the short term, and actual transactions will be discussed.

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