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SunSirs:Price Mild steel plate run stable
January 21 2020 13:58:37SunSirs(Molly)

1. Price Trends

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, mild steel plate prices were stable this Monday (January 20, 2020). The price of mild steel plate (Material: Q235B; Specification: 20) on January 19 was 3,672 yuan / ton, and the price on January 20 was 3,672 yuan / ton, which was flat compared to the previous trading day. From the perspective of the trend, during the Spring Festival, plate prices may run smoothly.


2. Analysis of influencing factors

On January 20, the domestic steel market price was stable, mainly because most of the construction sites were shut down, downstream demand was poor, and market sentiment continued to be sluggish. Although prices are stable, market transactions are still low. In terms of social stocks, the total social stocks have risen sharply compared to last week, and affected by winter storage factors, the factory and social stock have increased to varying degrees this week


3. Forecast

The Spring Festival in 2020 was earlier than last year, and due to the warm winter weather, the pre-holiday project was shut down later than last year. According to the situation of downstream investigations (33 downstream companies), the post-holiday resumption time was before February 8, there were 7 companies, and the remaining 26 companies will resume work after the Lantern Festival. In addition, the Xiong'an project (not in the sample) will start gradually this year. There will also be a large-scale resource procurement plan before February 8. Therefore, mild steel plate prices are expected to run smoothly during the Spring Festival.

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