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SunSirs: The Price of n-butanol Is Rising Steadily
September 11 2019 10:15:59SunSirs(John)

  1. the price trend

  According to data monitoring of SunSirs, as of September 10, the average price of n-butanol in mainstream areas was 6833.33 RMB/ton (including tax). The price of n-butanol in mainstream areas was 133.33 RMB/ton (including tax) higher than last Monday (September 2), up by 1.99%. At present, the domestic mainstream price range of n-butanol is 6700-7200 RMB / ton.

  2.Analysis review

  Product: Since the beginning of September, the domestic n-butanol market has been in a steady, small and medium-sized upward trend. Mainstream market quotation of n-butanol is mainly stable. The quotation of individual manufacturers in Shandong has increased, and the downstream users maintain the demand for procurement. Mainstream factories of n-butanol have maintenance plans this month, and the stock level of mainstream factories is low, which has played a supporting role in the overall price rise of n-butanol. In addition, the first-class market sales have steadily supported the high-level operation of market offer, and the upstream propylene price has increased slightly, which has also led to the strong market of n-butanol in recent days. On September 10, Wanhua Chemistry's latest n-butanol quotation rose slightly. The ex-factory quotation in North China region was 6900 RMB/ton, up 100 RMB/ton from September 2, the ex-factory quotation in East China region was 7100 RMB/ton, up 50 RMB/ton from September 2, and the ex-factory quotation in South China region was 7200 RMB/ton, up 100 RMB/ton from September 2.

  Industry Chain: The recent market price of propylene in the upstream of n-butanol continued to be stable. In some areas, the price of propylene increased slightly. The price of propylene enterprises in Shandong was raised by 50~100 RMB/ton on September 2 after stabilizing on September 1. only a few enterprises increased slightly on March 3-5.Recently, all the prices of propylene have been stable. The current market turnover is around 7650 ~ 7750 RMB/ton, the mainstream price is about 7650 RMB/ton. Propylene stocks in Shandong are still low and supply is tight. With the rise of crude oil prices, the main propylene downstream manufacturers gradually recovered, and the market showed a good performance. The demand side of butyl ester downstream of n-butanol is good, and the market is stable as a whole. Maintaining the purchase of raw materials is the main demand.

  3.Market outlook

  According to the data analysis of SunSirs, in the short term, the domestic n-butanol market is expected to continue to be at a high level, and the specific trend is closely related to the upstream and downstream as well as the supply and demand.

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