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SunSirs: Analysis of Price Changes by Region in the Mild Steel Plate Market (Jan17)
January 17 2020 16:59:29SunSirs(Molly)


On January 17, the prices of mild steel plate in Hangzhou continued to run steadily. The market entered a period of no value and no stock. The stocking before the downstream festival also ended, and prices remained stable. In terms of steel mills, no large-scale shipments are available for the time being, mainly with agreed resources such as Xicheng and Hengrun. Inventories increased slightly, in line with expectations. In the short term, Hangzhou plate prices are expected to run smoothly.


Tianjin Steel Mill’s steel Plant's 3500mm medium and heavy plate rolling mill continues to stop production and maintenance, and is expected to resume production after mid-February. At present, Tiangang is selling a small amount of stock in stock, and the specifications are mostly used in unusual width and thickness, and the commonly used specifications are less. The market as a whole has entered a state of stagnation, and transactions have been sluggish. Some large households have a daily turnover of about 200 tons. It is expected that the market price will continue to maintain stability during the Spring Festival next week.


On January 17th, the price of Ningbo mild plate ran smoothly, and the inventory increased slightly. As the Chinese New Year approached, traders began to take holidays and downstream purchases were also nearing a halt. The market showed a priceless situation. In terms of resources, there is not much arrival of resources in the North, and there is not much shipment of steel mills in East China. The overall supply pressure is not great, and the merchants have a good mentality. Taken together, it is expected that the price of Ningbo mid-board will run smoothly during the Spring Festival.

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