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SunSirs: Spot price of plate in Shanghai as a whole was stable (01/13)
January 15 2020 09:37:35SunSirs(Molly)

On January 13, the spot price of mild steel plate in Shanghai was generally stable, and the market trading atmosphere was average. In the mild steel plate market, the price of first-line resources are 3860 yuan / ton, the second-line resources are from 3,810 yuan / ton, the mainstream of low-alloy plate (manganese plate) is 4,070 yuan / ton, and the rough-edged thick plate is 4,060 yuan / ton.

On January 13th, the mild steel plate market in Shanghai continued the overall trend and atmosphere of last week. The mainstream quotations continued to wait and see. Most of the transactions have gradually come to a halt since Thursday. Recently, the arrival of steel plates in the Shanghai region has continued. However, the overall amount of Pinggang Steel Plant is still relatively small this month. As the overhaul of the steel plant has just ended, it is estimated that only about 15,000 tons of resources will be added before the end of the month. For other steel mills, the third-tier resources of the follow-up small plants are generally unstable. The first- and second-tier steel mills are accompanied by mainstream traders' agreements or lock orders, and the total amount will follow up. Judging from the surrounding Jiangsu area, the stocks of mainstream companies generally increased before the holiday, mainly from Yingkou, Tangzhonghou, Hanye, and some Nangang steel mills. From the perspective of the upstream situation, the overall supply is tight compared with the same period last year, and the steel plant orders are more saturated, forming a benign support for steel mills' ex-factory prices and other aspects. It is comprehensively estimated that the fundamentals of the market will be stable before the holiday, and it is expected that the high prices will mainly consolidate.

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