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SunSirs: Price of Harbin Mild steel plate Market has a small increase (Jan. 8th)
January 09 2020 11:22:37SunSirs(Molly)

On January 8, Harbin market price of medium and thick plate rose slightly, now medium and thick plate market (specification: 20mm) in Anshan iron and steel resources four cut mainstream quotation for $555.70/ton, the north of the snow, logistics basically no change, the overall deal is weak. At present, Harbin market in the thick plate resources has less goods and the overall stock is less than 5000 tons, mainly to Anshan steel plant, the specification is also out of stock more. Merchants said that starting from 2019, only Anshan iron and steel resources; Yingkou, Tangshan thick and Tianshan steel resources current prices basically do not flow into the local market, with no price advantage. In addition, close to the end of the year, businesses are not ready to stock, it is expected that the price of the plate market later or will remain stable.

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