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SunSirs: Wastepaper rose and fell in April, Corrugated Paper continued to Decline

May 07 2021 09:50:10     SunSirs (Selena)

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, in April 2021, the price of wastepaper was in a state of rise and fall, from the beginning of the month to the end of the month. As of April 30, the average purchase price of grade a waste yellow board was 2,245 yuan / ton, which was 24.29 yuan / ton higher than that at the beginning of the month (the average market purchase price on April 1 was 2,220.71 yuan / ton), up 1.09%. As of April 30, the average reference ex factory price of 140g corrugated base paper was 3,400 yuan / ton (tax included), which was 175 yuan / ton lower than that at the beginning of the month (average ex-factory price on April 1 was 3,575 yuan / ton), a decrease of 4.9%.

After the end of the Qingming Festival in early April, the domestic wastepaper market ushered in a rapid rise in a large area. The rise in the price of wastepaper was due to the rising demand for raw materials after the festival and the price adjustment in the early stage of the paper mill. However, since the middle of April, the price of wastepaper has changed from rising to falling again, leading paper enterprises have decreased significantly, and the purchase price of waste yellow board in many countries of Jiulong paper has decreased. The price reduction of finished paper also further affects the price of waste yellow board.

In late April, the price fluctuation of domestic waste yellow board gradually slowed down, but the mixed situation continued. Before the May Day holiday, the market demand was relatively increased, and some paper mills were willing to purchase. Therefore, the purchase price of domestic waste yellow board was slightly increased. There are also some areas of the paper mill due to rain weather, the average amount of paper mill arrival, the purchase price of waste yellow board continued to decline, packaging plant shipment slowed down. From this point of view, the rise and fall of domestic waste yellow board purchase price is basically proportional to the demand of paper mills.

Since April, the downward trend of corrugated paper prices has continued. Affected by the off-season and destocking, the finished paper trading has improved slightly, but the overall performance is still relatively general. At present, the paper market is light, and most of the paper mills focus on destocking. Therefore, the prices are constantly reduced to increase the volume of shipment, while the downstream market mainly focuses on just need purchasing. In terms of cost and raw materials, the recent price of wastepaper fluctuates in a narrow range, so the cost support is relatively limited.

SunSirs analysts believe that the current paper factories have pressure of destock, in May, the price of corrugated paper may still be in the state of low price shipment. The current price of finished paper is sluggish, the raw material supply of wastepaper is acceptable, and the short-term price may be relatively stable. It is expected short-term wastepaper and corrugated cardboard prices may be weak shocks in China.


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