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SunSirs: The Price of Wastepaper Rises steadily in the Short Term in China

November 16 2020 10:08:19     SunSirs (Selena)

According to SunSirs data monitoring: last week, the wastepaper market price showed a steady rise. On November 13, the average purchase price of waste yellow board paper market was 2,134.29 RMB/ ton, which was increased 18.58 RMB/ ton, or 0.88%, compared with the average purchase price of wastepaper at the beginning of the week (2,115.71 RMB/ ton on November 8). On October 13, the average factory price of corrugated base paper was 3,450 RMB/ ton, which was increased 75 RMB/ ton, or 2.22% compared with that at the beginning of the week (November 8, the average factory price of corrugated base paper was 3,375 RMB/ ton).

According to the observation of market changes, the price of wastepaper changed from big stable small dynamic trend to stable rising market last week. The paper mills with higher prices were far more than those with lower prices, and the upward momentum of waste paper market was strengthened. In addition, the time limit for banning the import of foreign wastepaper in 2021 is gradually approaching, and the "double 11" e-commerce day drives the increase of paper mill orders, which makes the market demand for domestic waste yellow board paper rise in the near future, so the purchase price is steadily raised.

As for the price of corrugated base paper, after the end of the first week of November, Jiulong paper's Dongguan, Taicang, Tianjin, Chongqing and other bases increased 30-100 RMB/ ton, involving corrugated paper, kraft paper and other paper types. In the near future, the price of corrugated paper will rise with the rise of the leading enterprises. In the case that the price of base paper continues to rise, resulting in rising costs, and paperboard price increase letter has also begun to be issued gradually. From the upstream and downstream links of the industrial chain, the wastepaper and base paper market is currently in the upward trend, and the positive situation still exists.

According to SunSirs paper analysts, the double 11 e-commerce day has ended and the peak season is coming to an end. The high market demand may slow down, and the future market is still to be observed. It is expected that the prices of China wastepaper and base paper will be in a stable and positive trend in the short term.


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