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SunSirs: On April 17th, the Market Price of Liquid Ammonia in Shandong Province Fell

April 18 2024 13:36:23     SunSirs (John)

Price: 3,083 RMB/ton

Analysis review

On April 17th, the liquid ammonia market in Shandong region fell. According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, the daily decline in the main production area of Shandong was 3.65%. The main reason was that the maintenance equipment had resumed work one after another, and the supply side had shown a loose performance. Coupled with the downstream urea partially converting to liquid ammonia, the ammonia volume had surged in the short term. On April 17th, a large factory in Shandong lowered its price by 200 RMB/ton. Dealers tended to lower their shipments. And downstream procurement enthusiasm was not high, the peak season for agricultural demand procurement was approaching, industrial demand remained in high demand, and the sluggish demand side had suppressed the price of liquid ammonia. As of April 17th, the mainstream quotation in Shandong region was between 2,850-3,100 RMB/ton.

Overview and Outlook

Recently, the demand for agricultural procurement had slowed down and the supply was sufficient. It is expected that liquid ammonia will remain weak in the near future, and it is not ruled out that prices may continue to decline.

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