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SunSirs: Daily Report of China Commodity Data (March 15, 2024)

March 15 2024 13:45:45     SunSirs (Selena)

On March 14th, the commodity price index (BPI) was 942 points, an increase of 1 point from yesterday, a decrease of 29.86% from the highest point in the cycle of 1343 points (2021-10-19), and an increase of 42.73% from the lowest point of 660 points on February 3rd, 2016. (Note: The cycle refers to 2011-12-01 present)

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, on March 14, 2024, there were a total of 39 commodities with a month on month increase in the list of commodity prices, concentrated in the chemical sector (10 in total) and the energy sector (10 in total). The top 3 commodities with a rise were palm oil (3.34%), copper (3.23%), and silver (3.12%). There are a total of 50 commodities with a month on month decline, concentrated in chemical industry (25 in total) and steel (8 in total). The top three commodities with a decline are coal tar (high temperature) (-4.37%), yellow phosphorus (-4.34%), and heavy soda ash (-3.21%). The average daily increase and decrease is -0.01%.


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