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SunSirs: Unbalanced Supply and Demand, China EVA Market is Negative
December 06 2022 11:11:04SunSirs(Selena)

Recently, the weak trend of domestic EVA market continued, and the price fell rapidly. According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average ex factory price of domestic EVA was 14,300 RMB/ton on December 5, with a range of up and down of -18.60%.

In the near future, the domestic EVA market has undertaken the early weak market. On the supply side, the ex factory price of petrochemical enterprises dropped significantly, and the overall industrial load dropped by a narrow margin, with the operating rate below 60%. Last week, the supply of goods was abundant, the total inventory position continued to rise, and the market competition was fierce, dragging down the factory price; In terms of demand, the demand for photovoltaic and foaming materials has not improved, and the consumption is not good. The lower reaches maintain the demand for procurement, and the market trading atmosphere is bleak. At present, the merchants are pessimistic, and the offer continues to fall with the petrochemical plant. There is a large space for negotiation of actual orders, and the operation is dominated by giving up profits and taking orders.

To sum up, last week's EVA market was abundant in supply and weak in demand. The downstream was cautious, just needed to replenish the warehouse and lagged behind. The market trading atmosphere was cold. It is expected that China domestic EVA market will continue to be weak in the short term.


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