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SunSirs: The Price of Chinese Domestic Rapeseed Kept Rising slightly in October
October 27 2022 09:16:17SunSirs(Selena)

SunSirs monitored that the average market price of domestic rapeseed was 6,980 RMB/ton on October 26 and 6,864 RMB/ton on October 1, up 1.69%.

The price of domestic net rapeseed in Hubei is about 3.57 RMB/ half kg; The quotation in Anhui is about 3.45-3.65 RMB/half kg; About 3.6 RMB/ half kg in Jiangsu; The quotation in Sichuan is about 3.72 RMB/ half kg. The quotation in Inner Mongolia is about 3.25 RMB/ half kg. The domestic winter vegetable seed market has few supplies, supporting its price rise. After the National Day holiday, spring rapeseed has been on the market, with less output than winter rapeseed and higher quotation. The supply of rapeseed market is concentrated in the hands of traders. This year's rapeseed inventory is lower than last year's, and the market is bullish. Rapeseed is in good stock recently.

China's domestic rapeseed market is short of goods. It is expected that a large number of imported vegetables will arrive in Hong Kong in the middle and late November. It is expected that rapeseed will remain mainly at a high price in China.


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