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SunSirs: Limited Benefits, China DME Market Rose first and then fell
September 23 2022 13:50:19SunSirs(Selena)

In the middle of September, the domestic DME market was dominated by price shocks, and the Henan market showed a trend of first rising and then falling. According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average price of DME in Henan market was 4,160 RMB/ ton on September 15 and 4,200 RMB/ ton on September 22, with a rise of 0.96% in the week, down 2.27% compared with the same period last year.

Last week, the domestic DME market trend was volatile. The ex factory price of Henan DME rose first and then fell, with limited positive factors in the market. In terms of cost, the raw material methanol market has experienced ups and downs, bringing phased support to the market. The civil market of liquefied gas related products fell significantly, which was bad for the market. The lower reaches have limited ability to accept high prices, are not enthusiastic about entering the market, and mainly wait and see. The manufacturers lack the impetus to continue rising, and most prices in Henan market fell on September 22. Hebei and Jiangxi markets are mainly consolidation, with limited volatility.

On September 20, the domestic methanol market rose sharply and fell back. In the early stage, the methanol price rose significantly. Recently, the rise slowed down, and prices in some regions fell back. The international crude oil price fluctuated at a high level, while the coal price supported at a high level. At present, the main reasons that affect the methanol price are supply and demand. Most of the early maintenance devices have been restarted, but the demand is general, mainly rigid, and there is no sign of increase in the short term. The traders mainly wait and see, and the international external demand is poor. The rise of the methanol market has slowed down, and the market is mainly volatile.

At present, the raw material methanol market is rising again, which brings some support in terms of cost. However, the civil market of liquefied gas fell significantly, affecting the market mentality. The downstream is cautious, has limited enthusiasm for entering the market, and the market trading atmosphere is general. The manufacturer's shipment is blocked, and most of the factory prices are lowered. It is expected that China DME market will not have enough momentum to rise in the short term, or it will be dominated by narrow consolidation.


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