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SunSirs: Under the Support of Cost, EPS Price Rose
May 31 2022 09:18:49SunSirs(John)

Price trend

In May, the domestic EVA market price was relatively firm, showing a trend of rising first and then falling as a whole. According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average domestic EVA ex-factory price was 23,166.67 RMB/ton on May 1, and the average price on May 31 was 24,000.00 RMB/ton. The price increase during the month was 3.60%, and it was 17.26% higher than the same period last year.

Analysis review

In May, the overall trend of the domestic EVA market was relatively strong, with prices rising first and then stabilizing, and falling within a narrow range at the end of the month. At the beginning of the month, due to the positive rise of international crude oil during the holiday period, the cost support was strong, and the price of EVA increased one after another after the holiday. In the middle of the month, the market price was firm, and it entered a stage of consolidation after the rise. However, the downstream ability to accept high prices was limited, and the motivation to continue rising was insufficient. At the end of the month, because the price of EVA was relatively high, the downstream was cautious, the enthusiasm for entering the market was general, the overall transaction atmosphere in the market was weak, and the price fell in a narrow range.

Market outlook

On the whole, the current international crude oil price is at a relatively high level, and the support brought by the cost to the market is relatively obvious. The inventory of petrochemical enterprises is currently in a controllable state, and the mentality is relatively strong. However, due to the excessively strong price rise of EVA in the early stage, the acceptance capacity of the downstream is limited, and the overall trading atmosphere is general. It is expected that the EVA market in June will be dominated by weak consolidation.

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