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SunSirs: Domestic market dynamics of xylene on May 24
May 25 2022 08:56:52()

1、 Price summary of xylene on May 23:

Qingdao refinery offers 7800 RMB/ton, and Shijiazhuang Refinery offers 7500 RMB/ton,

Jiujiang Petrochemical offers 7950 RMB/ton, and Yangba offers 7800 RMB/ton,

Guangzhou Petrochemical offers 8000 RMB/ton, Maoming Petrochemical offers 7950 RMB/ton,

Changling refinery offers 7900 RMB/ton,

Xinhai Petrochemical offers 7700 RMB/ton.

2、 Fluctuation trend:

3、 Analysis and comments:

In terms of crude oil, the market's concerns about the future economic recession offset the tightening of crude oil supply in the future, and the high oil price fluctuated.

The domestic xylene market followed the rise of crude oil and external prices.

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