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Ammonium biphosphate DAP Sulfur Sulfuric acid News
SunSirs: The trend of sulfur market continued to rise
April 25 2022 08:24:38()

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, the price trend of sulfur in East China continued to rise this week. On April 22, the quotation of sulfur was 3660.00 RMB/ton, an increase of 3.29% during the week and 14.97% month on month compared with 3543.33 RMB/ton at the end of last week.

This week, the sulfur market continued to operate strongly, the maintenance output of domestic refineries was limited, the enterprise inventory was low, while the downstream product market was high, the demand was stable and good, the enterprise shipment was smooth, the support for the sulfur price market was obvious, the supply and demand side was in short supply, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the freight rate increased, the operator's mentality was optimistic, and the quotation of traders rose during the week. As of the 22nd, the price of sulfur fixation in refineries in Shandong is between 3450-3780 RMB/ton, and the price range of liquid sulfur is 3610-3750 RMB/ton.

The sulfuric acid market fell slightly this week, and the quotation was reduced from 1205.00 RMB/ton last weekend to 1168.33 RMB/ton this weekend, a decrease of 3.04%. The inventory of domestic mainstream sulfuric acid manufacturers is general, the purchasing enthusiasm of downstream is weakened, and the demand is OK. The quotation of sulfuric acid manufacturers is reduced according to their own shipment.

The downstream phosphate fertilizer market operates smoothly. On Monday, the ammonium market is mainly wait-and-see, the market trading is general, the new orders are limited, the main orders are issued in the early stage, the downstream is purchased on demand, the raw material support is good, and the market trend runs at a high level. The market of diammonium ran smoothly within the week. At present, the orders issued by diammonium are coming to an end, the focus is on export, the export orders are increasing, and the high-level consolidation of diammonium runs.

According to the sulfur analysts of SunSirs, the inventory of domestic sulfur refineries is low, the shipment of enterprises is smooth, the downstream demand is stable and good support, and the mentality of operators is bullish. It is expected that the sulfur market will continue to be strong in the future, and pay attention to the market follow-up.

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