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SunSirs: In 2021, DDGS Market in China is Ups and Downs
December 28 2021 08:41:05SunSirs(Linda)

In 2021, the domestic DDGS market will mainly fluctuate at a high level, and the market will fluctuate. The highest price is 2776 yuan/ton and the lowest price is 2350 yuan/ton. The overall fluctuation rises. At the beginning of the year, the average market price of domestic DDGS was 2270 yuan/ton. On December 27, the average market price of domestic DDGS was 2350 yuan/ton, and the price increased by 3.52%.

The terminal live pig price fell 53.87% throughout the year, and the terminal market was not good, which suppressed the rise of domestic DDGS. The rise in the raw material corn market was boosted, and the domestic DDGS was supported, and the price rose by 3.52%.

In 2021, the domestic DDGS market will rise more and less. It will rise in 6 months, fall in 5 months, and rise in 6 months. January saw the biggest increase, rising 18.28%; June saw the biggest decline, falling 7.55%. Throughout 2021, after the sharp rise in January, domestic DDGS has entered a rising and falling market, rising for two months and falling for two months, with narrow fluctuations mainly. In December, domestic DDGS still fell mainly. As of the 27th, the overall decline in December was 3.42%.

The domestic DDGS market quotations from January to December 2021 are as follows:

In January, the price of raw corn continued to rise sharply, coupled with the rising market for terminal pigs and eggs, the rigid demand for DDGS procurement increased. As the Spring Festival approached, the inventory of alcohol plants was low, and manufacturers were more pricey. Domestic DDGS rose sharply, an increase of 18.28%.

In February, under the influence of the Spring Festival holiday, the purchasing demand of terminal feed manufacturers decreased. After the Spring Festival, the stock market of terminal feed plants ended, and rigid demand declined. The price of raw corn rose greatly, coupled with the normal operation of the alcohol plant during the Spring Festival, the supply of domestic DDGS was loose, and the market continued to stabilize, rising by 0.74%.

In March, the terminal feed industry entered a period of off-season demand, the price of raw material corn continued to be high, African swine fever reappeared in some areas, the demand for feed was weak, the soybean meal market weakened, and the price of raw material corn was loosened. Prices began to continue to fall sharply, down 5.73%.

In April, terminal aquafeed farming started one after another to support the price of DDGS. Alcohol factory inventories were low, manufacturers were very expensive, and domestic DDGS prices continued to rise. , The terminal rigid demand increased, the price of raw corn stopped falling and rebounded, and the supply of DDGS in the alcohol plant was tight, and the price was mainly high. The market continued to rise, an increase of 3.92%.

In May, the price of raw corn increased all the way because farmers were busy with farming and the market supply was tight. As the cost increased, the profit loss of the alcohol plants was serious, and they were shut down for maintenance, and the supply became tight.

In June, the price of raw corn fell sharply due to the continuous drop in terminal pig prices. Coupled with the poor demand for DDGS terminal aquaculture, the price of DDGS inventory at alcohol plants has dropped sharply, and the price of domestic DDGS fell below 2500 yuan/ton, an overall drop of 7.55%.

In July, the demand for terminal feed was flat. Alcohol plants entered the parking maintenance season due to profit losses. Some alcohol plants mainly sold domestic DDGS inventory. The market continued to be weakly adjusted, and the overall decline was 1.58%.

In August, the domestic DDGS market has gradually improved, due to the low inventory of the terminal feed factory, the purchase demand has increased. Coupled with the shutdown of some alcohol plants for maintenance and tight supply, the domestic DDGS market continues to rise, with an overall increase of 2.68%.

In September, the overall weakness of the domestic DDGS market declined. The demand for terminal aquafeeds decreased, and the enthusiasm for purchasing DDGS by feed factories declined. Alcohol factories successively lowered the ex-factory prices of domestic DDGS, and the overall price dropped by 3.13%.

In October, some domestic alcohol plants were shut down for maintenance. In addition, due to the dual control policy, the breeding industry was restricted and the feed market rose. The domestic DDGS market rebounded, and the price ushered in a rise, with an overall increase of 2.96%.

In November, affected by the dual-control policy, the alcohol plant price was up. Due to the weakening of terminal feed demand, the domestic DDGS market was weakly dropping, and the price continued to fall. , The price of domestic DDGS fell to the first line of 2500 yuan/ton, an overall drop of 4.58%.

In December, terminal aquatic feed entered the off-season for consumption, domestic DDGS demand was weak, and alcohol plants were not confident enough to support the price. They lowered the price of DDGS one after another. The mainstream quotation has fallen to the first line of 2,350 yuan/ton. Domestic DDGS fell 3.42% throughout December.

After January 2021, the domestic DDGS rose sharply, and it began to weaken and oscillate mainly, and the market as a whole was average. The main reason is that the performance of terminal pigs is too poor. Under the condition that the corn market is rising, it is mainly in a narrow range. In 2022, the terminal hog market may usher in an improvement, corn prices will remain high, and domestic DDGS may bottom out and usher in a rise.

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