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SunSirs: Good Delivery, Rising Prices of Rapeseed in China
October 21 2020 08:32:08SunSirs(Linda)

1. Rapeseed market price trend

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the average domestic rapeseed price was 5,660 yuan/ton on October 12, and the average price was 5,980 yuan/ton on October 20, an increase of 5.65%.

2. Market Analysis

The price of domestic net rapeseed in Henan is about 2.95 yuan/500g; the price of domestic net rapeseed in Hubei is about 3.1 yuan/500g; the price of Anhui is about 2.95-3.15 yuan/500g; Jiangsu is about 2.96 yuan/500g; Jiangxi is about 3.2 yuan/ About 500g. The downstream market has better goods, and traders have low stocks, which supports rising rapeseed prices.
In terms of imported rapeseed, the import of rapeseed from Canada was restricted due to quality problems last year. Coupled with the impact of the Meng Wanzhou incident, China-Canada relations have become more tense. At present, my country's rapeseed oil inventory is lower than last year, supporting the price of rapeseed. According to the monitoring of the business agency, the average price of rapeseed oil on October 12 was 9,585 yuan/ton, and the average price on October 20 was 9,607 yuan/ton, an increase of 0.23%; the average price of rapeseed meal on October 12 was 2,370 yuan/ton, in October The average price on the 20th was RMB 2,443/ton, up 3.09%.

3. Outlook

Domestic rapeseed is declining. SunSirs rapeseed analysts predict that rapeseed prices may continue to rise.

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