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N-propanol News
SunSirs: The Market for N-Propanol Rose This Week
April 23 2024 11:31:20SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to price monitoring data from SunSirs, as of April 19, 2024, the reference price for domestic n-propanol market was 8,333 yuan/ton. Compared with April 14 (reference price for n-propanol was 8,116 yuan/ton), the price increased by 217 yuan/ton, an increase of 2.67%.

Analysis review

From the monitoring chart of SunSirs data, it can be seen that this week (4.14-4.19), the overall domestic n-propanol market showed a steady upward trend, with the focus of the n-propanol market moving upwards. During the week, the spot supply of n-propanol in the market was tight, and the supply side supported the gradual upward trend of the market. The downstream demand side of n-propanol was mostly for rigid orders, and the performance of the demand side was decent.

As of April 19th, the domestic market price of n-propanol was based on around 7,800-8,500 RMB/ton. The market price of n-propanol in the Nanjing area was around 8,500-9,000 RMB/ton. Dealers in different regions still had reservations about prices, and the difficulty in monitoring prices led to differences in specific negotiation situations. Each region also had differences, and actual orders were mainly based on negotiations.

Market outlook

As of April 19th, the trading atmosphere of n-propanol on the exchange was quiet and mild, with new orders mainly based on demand orders. The rise of the n-propanol market was mainly supported by relatively low supply pressure. After the weak supply turns loose in the future, the n-propanol market is at risk of a pullback. The n-propanol data analyst from SunSirs believes that in the short term, the domestic n-propanol market will mainly adjust and operate within a narrow range, and the specific trend still needs to pay more attention to changes in supply and demand news.

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