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SunSirs: China Coke Market is currently Stable (January 29 - February 5)
February 07 2024 10:32:54SunSirs(Selena)

According to the commodity market analysis system of SunSirs, from January 29 to February 5, 2024, the coke market in Shanxi region temporarily remained stable. On February 5, the ex factory price of quasi primary metallurgical coke was 2,226.67 RMB/ton, which remained unchanged.

In terms of supply: The coking coal market has been operating weakly recently, and the mining area has basically completed the production tasks within the year near the holiday. Recently, production has been actively restricted, and the overall supply of coking coal is tight. The mentality of downstream coking enterprises is generally weak, and they need to replenish inventory as needed.

The coke market continues to maintain a temporary stable operation. In terms of supply, raw material supply has started to tighten this week, and the profits of coke companies are still poor. Some companies have actively limited production, and the operating rate has continued to decline slightly to around 70% this week. The overall supply of coke is tight, and recent weather conditions have affected transportation conditions. Coke shipments are not smooth, and inventory in the factory has increased compared to the previous period. In terms of demand, downstream steel mills have continued to maintain rigid demand replenishment in recent purchases, and overall demand support is weak. Overall, as the holiday approaches, downstream stocking has basically come to an end, with primary support for essential needs. Coking companies are operating at a low rate, and it is expected that the coke market will remain temporarily stable in the near future under the weak supply-demand pattern.

The coke market in Shandong ports has slightly declined, with a quasi first level outbound price of around 2,230-2,270 RMB/ton and a first level outbound price of 2,330-2,370 RMB/ton. The port market is operating weakly, and the trading atmosphere near the holiday season is relatively quiet, with a wait-and-see market atmosphere and limited actual transactions.

Freight prices are a barometer of port mentality. Market sentiment is positive when freight prices rise, but weak when freight prices fall. This week, port inventory has increased, and the enthusiasm of traders to gather at ports remains low. Port freight prices have slightly increased.


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