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SunSirs: China DME Market Experienced a Low Decline Last Week (January 15-19)
January 22 2024 10:15:32SunSirs(Selena)

Last week, the domestic DME market fell at a low level, and recently the focus of raw material methanol prices has shifted upwards, with cost support gradually strengthening. From the perspective of supply, due to the sluggish trend of the market, the number of parking reduction enterprises continues to increase, and the supply continues to decrease. However, due to the continued weak demand side, the price of DME has further declined this week after a period of stalemate and consolidation. The prices of related liquefied gas products have been declining recently, reducing the price difference with DME. The pessimistic range on the market is shrouded, and production and sales are weak.

According to the commodity market analysis system of SunSirs, the recent shift in the focus of methanol prices has gradually strengthened support for DME.

Overall, the current market supply and demand are weak, and there is currently no clear positive signal guidance. It is expected that DME will maintain a weak operation in the short term.


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