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SunSirs: The Market Situation is not Good, China PA66 Market is Experiencing a Narrow Decline
December 11 2023 11:19:35SunSirs(Selena)

In early December, the domestic PA66 market saw a narrow decline. According to data monitoring by SunSirs, the domestic PA66 mixed benchmark price was 21,100 RMB/ton on December 8th, with a price increase or decrease of -1.09% compared to the beginning of the month.

At the beginning of this month, PA66 took on the previous sideways trend and the spot price was at a high level. Overall, the recent market situation has seen a slight decrease in spot prices for various brands, a narrow decrease in production line operating rates, and an overall stable industry load of around 62%. The on-site supply of goods is moderate, the inventory position is low, and the pricing operation of the enterprise has been adjusted. The support from the supplier is average. Terminal enterprises still rely on maintaining production as their main source of goods, with on-site stocking centered around essential needs, and weak support from the demand side for spot goods. On the upstream side, domestic supply of hexamethylene diamine is tight, and prices have remained high due to the impact of previous price hikes by international large factories. The early bearish guidance in the adipic acid market resulted in a bearish price decline. At present, the main focus is on volatile operations, and the cost side's support for the PA66 market is concentrated on hexamethylene diamine. At present, the market supply and demand are not strong, and the overall price of PA66 is weak and stable.

In early December, the spot price of PA66 fell narrowly. The fluctuation and consolidation of raw material prices have provided moderate support for the cost side of PA66. The load of PA66 enterprise has been reduced by 3%, and the inventory position is low. The demand side still relies mainly on maintaining production, and it is expected that PA66 may continue to operate weakly in the short term.


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