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Dysprosium oxide Dy-Fe Alloy News
SunSirs: On November 22nd, Prices of Some Domestic Dysprosium Terbium Series Products Increased
November 23 2023 14:07:58SunSirs(John)

Price trend

On November 22nd, the prices of rare earth elements in the domestic dysprosium and terbium series increased. The recent market trading situation was average, with terbium oxide prices increasing by 100,000 RMB/ton to 7.55 million RMB/ton, metal terbium prices increasing by 75,000 RMB/ton to 9.375 million RMB/ton, dysprosium oxide prices increasing by 15,000 RMB/ton to 2.55 million RMB/ton, metal dysprosium prices being 3.265 million RMB/ton, and dysprosium iron alloy prices increasing by 25,000 RMB/ton to 2.495 million RMB/ton.

Analysis review

The recent market situation for terminal new energy vehicles was still good, and the transaction situation of downstream rare earth permanent magnet material manufacturers was normal. Recently, downstream procurement was mainly based on demand, and new orders were still acceptable. The price trend of dysprosium series in the heavy rare earth market had increased, while the price of terbium series had risen.

Market outlook

The price trend in the later stage is mainly upward.

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