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Acetic anhydride News
SunSirs: Low Supply and High Cost, Acetic Anhydride Skyrocketed by 40% within a Month
September 18 2023 14:35:51SunSirs(John)

Acetic anhydride skyrocketed by 40% within a month

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, as of September 15th, the price of acetic anhydride was 7,402.50 RMB/ton, a significant increase of 20.71% compared to the price of 6,132.50 RMB/ton on September 1st; The price of acetic anhydride increased significantly by 40.00% compared to 5,287.50 RMB/ton on August 15th. Recently, the price of acetic anhydride continued to rise, with a surge of 40% in a month. The price of raw material acetic acid skyrocketed, the cost of acetic anhydride rose, the operation of acetic anhydride equipment was low, some manufacturers' equipment was shut down, the supply of acetic anhydride was tight, and the price of acetic anhydride had skyrocketed.

Acetic acid prices continued to skyrocket this week

According to the market analysis system of acetic acid products in SunSirs, as of September 15th, the price of acetic acid was 4,800 RMB/ton, an increase of 18.03% compared to the price of 4,066.67 RMB/ton on September 1st; The price of acetic acid increased by 44.72% compared to 3,316.67 RMB/ton on August 13th. Multiple sets of equipment unexpectedly shut down, acetic acid enterprises started at a low level, acetic acid supply was tight, acetic acid manufacturers had low inventory and tight supply, downstream procurement was active, on-site trading was active, acetic acid manufacturers had a strong willingness to stand up, acetic acid prices skyrocketed, and acetic anhydride costs rose.

Market outlook

Acetic Anhydride Data Analysts from SunSirs believe that in terms of raw materials, acetic acid manufacturers were operating at a low level, with low acetic acid inventory, tight supply of acetic acid, and a sharp rise in acetic acid prices; In terms of supply, the supply of raw material acetic acid was limited, and acetic anhydride enterprises had no raw material to start at full capacity. Some acetic anhydride manufacturers had shut down, resulting in a tight supply of acetic anhydride; In terms of demand, with the arrival of the golden September and silver October, downstream demand had rebounded, and under the psychological stimulation of buying up rather than down, downstream customers' purchasing enthusiasm had increased. In the future, on the eve of the Double Festival, downstream stocking is active, demand for acetic anhydride is rising, manufacturers and traders are actively supporting high price, the cost support for acetic anhydride is relatively large, and the supply is still tight, and the price of acetic anhydride is expected to fluctuate and rise.

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