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SunSirs: Energy, Good Trading Atmosphere, DME Market Continues to Rise
January 16 2020 17:22:08SunSirs(Selena)

1  Price Trend

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, the domestic DME market continued to be strong. As of January 14, the average market price of domestic DME was 3,143.33 RMB/ ton. The price was 5.6% higher than that of the same period last month and 8.27% lower than that of the same period last year.

2  Influencing Factors

Product: DME market (Henan) continued to rise on Tuesday, with a good trading atmosphere. The price of DME market (Henan) rose 10-20 RMB/ ton, and the current factory price is 3,200-3,280 RMB/ ton. The market operating rate is still at a low level. The spot market of cost methanol rose strongly, while the futures market continued to rise, which supported the DME market. However, most of the LPG market fell broadly. The Spring Festival holiday is coming, and the demand of manufacturers' inventory and inventory is coming. The market downstream are bargain hunting, and the increase of replenishment is holding back the rise of DME price. At present, the terminal replenishment enthusiasm is acceptable, the manufacturer's shipment is smooth, there is no obvious pressure on the inventory, and the mentality is relatively strong.

3  Market Forecast

DME analysts of SunSirs believe the trend of gas ether is deviated at present, and the trend of DME slows down, but it is still up. The weak trend of LPG is mainly downward, which has suppressed the price of DME. It is expected to rise in the future or in a narrow range.


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