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SunSirs: Agriculture, The Price of Rapeseed is Stable This Week (December 23-27)
December 30 2019 10:10:53SunSirs(Daisy)

1. Price Trend

As per data from SunSirs, the average domestic rapeseed price this week was 5,120 RMB / ton, and the offer is temporarily stable.

2. Market Analysis (See historical analysis)

Products: This week, the domestic rapeseed price in Yancheng, Jiangsu was around 5.08 RMB / kg, the price in Hubei was around 5.1 RMB / kg, and the price in Anhui was around 5.14-5.2 RMB / kg.

There has been a slight decline in the prices of traders recently. The reduction of domestic rapeseed production in the coming year is a foregone conclusion. And there is not much rapeseed stock in Inner Mongolia, which will support domestic rapeseed prices. Meanwhile, with the holiday coming, stockings are pervasive, which boosts rapeseed prices.

Affected by the China-Canadian relationship, the number of imported rapeseed has decreased. At present, the imported rapeseed inventory in the port area is about 190,000 tons, compared with 440,000 tons in the same period last year.

The price of rapeseed oil this week is mainly trending, mainly driven by higher palm oil and soybean oil prices. Rapeseed meal mainly fluctuated in a narrow range this week with the approach of winter showing aquaculture entering the traditional off-season.

3. Market Forecasting

SunSirs rapeseed analysts believe that domestic rapeseed prices may continue to fluctuate.

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