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SunSirs: EPS Price Rise in December for Goods Preparation at the End of the Year
December 30 2022 12:30:09()

1、 Price trend

According to the monitoring data of the SunSirs, the average price of EPS ordinary materials in early December was 10,437 yuan/ton, and the average price of EPS ordinary materials at the end of the month was 10,500 yuan/ton, with a price increase of 0.60% and 5.26% compared with the same period of the year.

2、 Market analysis

Near the end of the year, part of the packaging downstream of South China entered the stage of parking and vacation, and the downstream of insulation boards in the north generally stopped. In addition, the recent public health events in some regions caused a temporary shortage of manpower. The domestic EPS market stock transactions occasionally occurred in December, and most of the operators watched carefully, with average overall turnover.

On the cost side, pure benzene may be difficult to support the price of styrene, and the overall demand for styrene from hard rubber is expected to weaken. On the supply side, the inventory pressure of some EPS devices is obvious, and the production reduction operation is increasing. On the demand side, the downstream large area parking, mainly in the north, is dominated by insulation boards, and the downstream of some South China home appliance packaging is in the parking stage. It is expected that the downstream demand will weaken next week.

3、 Future market forecast

Crude oil shocks strongly, styrene prices rise first and then decline, EPS prices follow the trend of styrene, and EPS prices are expected to be dominated by shocks and weak trends.

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