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SunSirs: Butadiene Market Atmosphere Is Very Weak and Cold

December 06 2019 15:47:14     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

Recently, the atmosphere of butadiene market in China is cold and weak. According to the data of SunSirs, as of December 5, the price of butadiene was 9,034 RMB/ton, and the price rose 3.80% month-on-month and 0.94% year-on-year.


Analysis review        

Product: Butadiene supply price is stable, the market is weak, the information surface guidance is limited, the downstream inquiry continues to be cold, and the offer changes little, mainly wait-and-see. The external price remained stable. The closing price of butadiene in Asia was US $895-903/ton FOB South Korea average and US $945-953/ton CFR China average.

In terms of market: The butadiene market in East China continues to be cold, the downstream procurement enthusiasm is low, the market turnover is limited, and the price is mainly sorted out. The price of superior products is about 9,500-9,600 RMB/ton, and the actual price is negotiated. The butadiene market in Shandong Province has limited changes, and the supply and demand are weak and stable. There is no obvious guidance in the news. The merchants mainly wait and see. The delivery price of superior products is 9,300-9,400 RMB/ton, and the transaction is cold.

Industrial chain: Styrene butadiene rubber: the offer price of domestic styrene butadiene rubber has slightly increased, and the business operators are cautious. In some areas, the buyer has the behavior of price reduction, but the transaction is not much. Polybutadiene rubber: the domestic market of polybutadiene rubber is stable. The price offered by the merchants is stable, and the intention of low price shipment is not high. The inquiry atmosphere in the field is flat, and sporadic buyers enter the market for inquiry, and the volume of spot trading is limited.


Market outlook

Domestic manufacturers have limited factory quotation changes, and the price of the outside market is stable. There is not much spot circulation in the butadiene market, while the demand continues to be cold, and the supply and demand remain stagnant. Butadiene analysts of SunSirs agency expect that the domestic butadiene market will maintain consolidation in the short term.


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