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SunSirs: Weak Operation of Sodium Metabisulfite Price at Bottom in November

December 02 2019 12:37:54     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the data of SunSirs, in November, the domestic sodium metabisulfite continued to operate at a weak bottom. The average price of industrial grade sodium metabisulfite was 1816.67 RMB/ton on November 1, 1783.33 RMB/ton on November 29, down 1.84% in the month.


Analysis review        

Product: In November, the sodium metabisulfite market continued its previous downturn. The price range of industrial grade sodium metabisulfite market is 1700-1900 RMB/ton, most of which are concentrated around 1800 RMB/ton.

In November, the overall inventory of sodium metabisulfite industry was relatively sufficient, the production of enterprises was stable, and the price of raw materials continued to be weak, which led to the overall procurement of downstream trade subjects being cautious. Most enterprises focused on completing orders of old customers, with limited increase of new orders. Under the pressure of cost, some enterprises reduced the factory price slightly in the month, and the price of sodium metabisulfite continued to run weakly at the bottom in November.

Industrial chain: In November, the upstream soda ash fell by 8.44% as a whole, and the sulfur price dropped by 12.5%. The raw material cost continued to decline weakly. Under the pressure of processing cost, the market price of sodium metabisulfite continued to maintain a weak bottom in November.


Market outlook

SunSirs analysts believe that raw material costs continue to decline, downstream trading entities are cautious in buying and selling, market trading is light, and the price of sodium metabisulfite rebounded under pressure in December.


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