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SunSirs:Domestic Butadiene Market Fluctuated Up in August

September 03 2019 11:19:45     SunSirs (John)

  1.the price trend

  In August 2019, the market for butadiene fluctuated upwards. According to SunSirs monitoring, the price of butadiene at the beginning of the month was 9045 RMB/ton, and at the end of the month was 10277 RMB/ton, which was rose by 12.96% in the month. Prices fell by 24.14% compared to the same period last year.

  2.Analysis of Influencing Factors

  Products: In August, the domestic butadiene market fluctuated and the market rose strongly in the second half of the month. By the end of the month, Sinopec East China's supply price was 10,600RMB/ton, up 1,300RMB/ton; Liaotong chemical auction base price was 10,210RMB/ton, up 1400RMB/ton. After reaching its peak in early August, the downstream synthetic rubber rose weakly, the production profit hanging upside down increased, some private enterprises decreased or stopped, the demand side dragged on the butadiene market, and the price of butadiene rose and fell in mid-August. However, domestic spot supply continued to be tight, Malaysia's high-price trading news in mid-month boosted the external market substantially higher, Sinopec's supply price increased and East China's spot resources were scarce, the prices of northern export manufacturers increased, and some high-price sources flowed into the East China market, boosting the overall market. Although the downstream rubber market is limited, butadiene supply is strong, the market is difficult to find low-price supply, and the middleman offer is firm.Enterprises: Sinopec East China and South China Butadiene Ring Ratio increased by 1300 RMB/ton to 10600/10700 RMB/ton; as of 29th, Liaotong Chemical Bidding Base Price was 10210 RMB/ton, Ring Ratio increased by 1400 RMB/ton, the total volume in a month was 1560 tons, Ring Ratio contracted by 50.41%; As of 28th, Fushun Petrochemical Bidding Base Price was 9700 RMB/ton, trading range. In 9950-9960 RMB/ton, the total volume in the month is 1680 tons, with a ring-to-ring increment of more than 1,000 tons;on August 6, 100,000 tons/year oxidative dehydrogenation unit was put into operation in Nanjing Chengzhi, On August 11, excellent products were produced. The total output of this month is about 4