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SunSirs: the vitamin market fell steadily

May 05 2022 09:44:51     

Price trend

According to the bulk list data of business society, the price of domestic vitamin C was temporarily stable this week, and the average price of food grade vitamin C was 40 RMB/kg, with no rise or fall.

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the purchase of vitamin C in the domestic market improved slightly this week. At present, the mainstream price of feed grade is 35-38 RMB/kg, and the mainstream price of feed grade is 38-40 RMB/kg. The factory continues to stop reporting, and the actual situation is a single discussion. The downstream rigid demand is the main thing, and the price negotiation is the main thing.

Upstream: the price of corn fluctuated higher. It is expected that most of the time in May, the price of corn in the main domestic production areas will continue to be stable and slightly strong, and it is very difficult for the price to fall substantially.

The price of vitamin A fell this week. The average price of feed grade vitamin A was 232 RMB/kg at the beginning of the week and 224 RMB/kg at the weekend, down 3.66%. The quotation in the European market is 63-68 euros / kg. Recently, the production and sales of the market are weak, and the price focus is downward.

The price of vitamin E decreased slightly this week. The average price of feed grade vitamin E was 92 RMB/kg at the beginning of the week and 91 RMB/kg at the weekend, a decrease of 1.26%. The European market quotation this week is 9.9-11.5 euros / kg. Recently, affected by the epidemic, the market supply has tightened, the market attention has increased, and the price has a strong upward trend.

Future forecast

The vitamin analyst of the chemical branch of the SunSirs believes that: Overall, the demand is general, and the overall vitamin market is weak and difficult to change. In the future, pay close attention to the opening and parking status and delivery of enterprises.

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