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SunSirs:Price summary of domestic plasticizer industry chain related products

April 27 2022 09:35:49     
Product Specification Origin / brand  April 25th April 26th Rise and fall  Rise and fall%  Unit
Isooctanol Superior Shandong 12433.33 12433.33 0 0 RMB/ton
N-butanol Superior Shandong 9433.33 9333.33 -100.00 -1.06 RMB/ton
PA Superior 99.9% Jianmgsu 8225.00 8225.00 0 0 RMB/ton
PTA Superior East China 6129.09 6196.36 62.27 1.10 RMB/ton
DOP first class East China 11787.50 11750.00 -37.50 -0.32 RMB/ton
DOTP Superior 99.9% domestic 11875.00 11787.50 -87.50 -0.74 RMB/ton
DBP first class domestic 10133.33 10000.00 -133.33 -1.32 RMB/ton
PVC SG5  domestic 8890.00 8790.00 -100.00 -1.12 RMB/ton

On April 26, the price of plasticizer raw material phthalic anhydride was adjusted in a weak shock, the price of isooctanol was stabilized in a weak shock, the price of n-butanol fell in a shock, PTA price was adjusted in a shock, and the price of downstream PVC plastic was stabilized in a shock. Recently, the cost of plasticizer raw materials was adjusted in a shock, the downstream PVC market was stabilized in a shock, the demand for plasticizer was temporarily stable, the downstream started one after another, the demand was dominated by rigid demand, the plasticizer manufacturers started to recover gradually, and the supply of plasticizer was normal, The overall plasticizer market is still under downward pressure, and the upward momentum is weakened.

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