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SunSirs: Commodity Chemicals: With Winter Approaching, N-propanol Market Goes Weakly and Stably (11.1-11.14)

November 15 2019 11:12:22     SunSirs (Daisy)

Price Trend

According to the data from SunSirs, till 14th November, the report from some sample quotation companies shows that the average price of domestic n-propanol is around RMB10,800 yuan/ton excluding transportation costs. The overall market remains stable and weak.  

Market Analysis

Products: From the beginning of November to 14th November, n-propanol market has not fluctuated greatly and mainly focuses on trading sideways. The production facilities of n-propanol operate normally. The demand of downstream is not so high. The trading atmosphere is light. The downstream players only procure what they need. They put it into production as soon as they purchase it. The quotation is generally stable.

At present, the mainstream quotation of imported n-propanol traders in Taiwan is around RMB 10,600-11,600 yuan / ton (content ≥ (%): 99.5; grade: excellent grade; barreled tax included). This price is basically the same as in October. Different prices are offered by different n-propanol importers. The situation of actual deal depends on negotiations. As for domestic producers, the price is basically the same as that in October. The dealer's quote is near RMB 10,200-11,200 yuan/ton (content ≥ (%): 99.5; grade: excellent grade; barreled tax included). Domestic n-propanol production Manufacturers such as Nanjing Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd. put into normal operation this month. And the company makes an adjustment on n-propanol price on 6th November. The last factory price is RMB 9,100 yuan/ton (content ≥ (%): 99.5; Grade: superior grade; scattered water tax included), which is lower than the end of October by RMB 500 yuan / ton. This price has not changed since 14th November.

Industry chain: The upstream product propylene oxide market has been running weakly since the beginning of November. At present, according to the data from SunSirs, the average price of propylene oxide market is around RMB 9,866 yuan/ton, which is RMB 200 yuan/ton lower than that in early November. Till 14th November, the propylene oxide market in East China is stable. The current reference price is RMB 9,500 yuan/ton under spot delivery service. The propylene oxide market in North China is stable. The current reference price is RMB 9,400 yuan/ton. That price is spot price in factory. The propylene oxide market in Shandong is stable, and the current reference price is RMB 9,500 yuan/ton.

Market Forecasting

According to the data from SunSirs, it is expected that the market for n-propanol will continue to be stable in late November, with traders and distributors stimulating market demand or slightly adjusting prices.

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