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SunSirs: Domestic Rare Earth Prices were Mixed on November 12

November 13 2019 13:39:52     SunSirs (Linda)

On Nov 11, the rare earth Commodity Index was 335, the same as that of Nov 10, 66.50% lower than the peak of 1,000 in the cycle (Dec 6, 2011), and 23.62% higher than the lowest point of 271 (Sep 13, 2015). (Cycle: Dec 1, 2011 to date)

Rare-Earth Metal: the average price of Neodymium Metal decreased 3,000RMB/t to 360,500RMB/t, the average price of Dysprosium Metal was 2,005,000RMB/t, the average price of Praseodymium Metal was 650,000RMB/t. Rare-Earth Oxide: the average price of Praseodymium-Neodymium Oxide decreased 3,000RMB/t to 283,500RMB/t, the average price of Dysprosium Oxide increased 10,000RMB/t to 1,540,000RMB/t, the average price of Praseodymium Oxide was 34,5000MB/t, the average price of Neodymium Oxide decreased 3,000RMB/t to 285,500RMB/t. Rare-Earth Alloy: the average price of Praseodymium-Neodymium Alloy decreased 3,000RMB/t to 360,500RMB/t, the average price of Dysprosium Ferroalloy Alloy increased 10,000RMB/t to 1,540,000RMB/t.

Recently, the market prices of rare earth have continued have been mixed. The domestic market is general. The prices of Dysprosium terbium metals and oxides have been falling continuously, and the prices of heavy rare earth have not improved.The inquiries of praseodymium neodymium oxide and neodymium oxide have declined, and the prices of light rare earth oxide have declined slightly. The light rare earth merchants in the field have not been in good condition, and the recent trading situation has been general. The supply has been normal. The price fluctuation is related to the national environmental protection supervision. Rare earth’s production has particularity, especially the radiation hazard of some products, which makes environmental protection supervision more stringent. Metal enterprises and downstream magnetic material enterprises are less interested in purchasing due to the surplus of purchasing before the festival, and the prices of rare earth have been lower than that in the earlier stage, so the wait-and-see mood is strong. Under the strict environmental protection inspection, the production of rare earth separation enterprises in many provinces has been stopped, resulting in the general market supply of rare earth oxides, especially some mainstream rare earth oxides, the supply is normal, and the market price trend is declining. Recently, there has been a strong wait-and-see mood among large-scale enterprise groups in the market. The rare earth market is generally traded, and the volume is at a low level.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) reported on November 8 that the MIIT and the Ministry of Natural Resources  issued the notice on the total amount control indicators of rare earth mining, smelting separation and tungsten mining in 2019. The total amount control indicators 2019 were 132,000 tons and 127,000 tons respectively. The total control index of tungsten concentrate (65% of tungsten trioxide) mining in China is 105,000 tons, including 78,150 tons of main mining index and 26,850 tons of comprehensive utilization index. Besides, the NDRC and departments concerned have promoted effective measures urgently, strengthen the consolidation and made the related management mechanisms innovate and improved, in order to accelerate the construction of a development pattern which consists of a rational industrial structure, an advanced scientific and technological level, the effective resources protection and the orderly production and operation and to add the special value of Rare Earth as a strategic resource. The supply of raw ore resources in the upstream of the Rare Earth industry has shrunk, and people in the domestic market are waiting for the good news on policies and State Reserve.

Rare Earth analyst from SunSirs expects that some prices of Rare Earth may continue to decrease. Although the supply may stay at low as well, caused by the strict environmental protection inspection and the regulation of the industry, the downstream demand is still not good and the import of heavy rare earth has increased.

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