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Sunsirs: Propane market rose significantly on March 7

March 08 2022 09:09:36     

According to the data monitoring of Sunsirs, the average price of propane in Shandong market was 7163.25 yuan / ton on March 4 and 7438.25 yuan / ton on March 7, with an increase of 3.84% during the period, an increase of 21.03% compared with February 1.

On the 7th, the domestic propane market price increased actively, and the increase range of Shandong propane market was 200-300 yuan / ton. The sharp rise in international crude oil prices has brought some support to the market. There is little pressure on market supply, but the demand is relatively weak. It is expected that the price of propane market will be strong in the short term.


Latest quotation:

Dealer  Brand Place of deliver Price
Dongying Hualian Hualian Shandong  7503yuan/ton
Huifeng  Huifeng  Shandong 7500yuan/ton
Jincheng Jincheng Shandong  7450yuan/ton
Qingdao refinery Qingdao refinery Shandong 7300yuan/ton


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