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SunSirs: Potassium Chloride Price Temporarily Stabilized This Week (November 4 - November 8)

November 12 2019 10:44:53     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the comprehensive price of potassium chloride was temporarily stabilized this week. The average price of mainstream potassium chloride this week was 2235.00 RMB/ton, down 5.89% year-on-year. Overall, the market for potassium chloride was temporarily stabilized this week, and the index of potassium chloride commodity on November 8 was 70.95.


Analysis review

The quotation of mainstream potassium chloride manufacturers this week was temporarily stable: the weekly ex factory quotation of Qinghai Salt Lake potassium chloride was 2200 RMB/ton, which was temporarily stable compared with that at the beginning of the week; the weekend distribution quotation of Anhui Badou potassium chloride was 2270 RMB/ton, which was temporarily stable compared with that at the beginning of the week. This week, the actual transaction in the potassium chloride market was not good. On the whole, the main contradiction in the market was that the supply exceeds the demand, the trading atmosphere is cold, the downstream procurement was just in demand, the overall inventory was low, the purchasing market momentum was low, and the domestic potassium chloride market was stable.


Market outlook

In the middle of November, the overall trend of potassium chloride market or low consolidation dominated. After the adjustment in October, the capital return of each plant is in good condition, the equipment maintenance is completed, and the production capacity is increased. However, the market of potassium chloride is facing three major pressures, namely, large stock, weak demand and downward international prices. Therefore, the main contradiction in the current market is that supply exceeds demand. According to analysts of KCl in SunSirs, the short-term market of KCl is dominated by low consolidation under the influence of supply and demand and raw materials.


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