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SunSirs: The Price of Hydrogen Peroxide Cliff Fall After “Sliver October”

November 08 2019 15:59:06      (Daisy)

The Hydrogen Peroxide commodity index was 139.86 on 7th November, decease at 10.86 points from yesterday,35.54% lower than the highest point at 216.98 of the period since 24th December 2017, and 94.95% higher than from the lowest point at 71.74 since 3rd August 2016(Note: The period refers to since 1st September 2011).

According to SunSirs’ daily monitoring, hydrogen peroxide rose nearly 30% in October, which can be described as "Silver October." Entering November, the Silver 10 no longer exists. Hydrogen peroxide has been falling all the way. On 7th November, the average price of 27.5% hydrogen peroxide was 1,286 RMB/t, and the price fell by 12.27%.

Market Analysis

Since November, the hydrogen peroxide market has been returned to its original price by demand. There are not enough positive factors that make price upward. The price has continued to fall sharply. Manufacturers have restarted their machine. The oversupply of hydrogen peroxide make the price fallen. The mainstream price of 27.5% hydrogen peroxide is 1200-1400 RMB/t, dropped by 150-200 RMB/t.

The detail price in each origin of raw material is as follow:


Company Name

Price of 27.5% hydrogen peroxide (RMB/t)

Change (RMB/t)


Luxi Chemical



Shandong Haineng



Total average




Zhengyuan Fertilizer




Anhui Jinhe



Anhui Quansheng

1400 (the actual transcatio price is 1,300)



Hunan Shuangyang




Zhejiang Pinghu Satellite Petrochemical



Industry chain: “Silver October” is from shot supply of hydrogen peroxide in October. This is due to that main manufactures’ equipment is being maintained. Throughout October to November, the price of the downstream product of hydrogen peroxide—Caprolactam fall by nearly 8%, which to a certain extent dragged down the hydrogen peroxide. In this chemical reaction, hydrogen peroxide is a catalyst. Meanwhile, the supply of pure benzene and cyclohexanone, which are the upstream of caprolactam increases, which cause the market plummeting, and the cost support weakened. Downstream procurement is cautious. As a result, the supply of caprolactam market exceeded demand. Terminal demand was insufficient, and prices fell all the way.

Market Forecasting

SunSirs Analytic believes that the terminal demand is sluggish. The market performance of paper industry and hexanoylamine is not good. As for hydrogen peroxide, it will go back to be stable after experiencing a sharp decline. 

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