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SunSirs: Demand Fall, Cost End Weak, PA6 Fell In October (10.1-10.31)

November 08 2019 14:51:06     SunSirs (Eva)

1.Price Trend

According to the data of SunSirs, the market of PA6 in October was weak, and most brand quotations fell. The main offer price of traders for Zhongzhu 2.75-2.85 is about RMB 13700.00 yuan / ton, down 5.95% from the beginning of the month.

2.Cause analysis

The average spot price of caprolactam in the domestic market at the upstream of PA66 in October decreased by nearly 6.61%. Domestic bearish sentiment increased due to the fall in the price of raw material pure benzene in October. China's cyclohexanone market plunged sharply, and the intention to make up the position of terminal demand was low, so we should be more cautious and wait-and-see, and the trading volume of chemical fiber single and solvent single in the market was small. Due to the pressure of inventory and delivery, the mainstream factories continue to reduce their quotations. Caprolactam cost end support is poor and downstream procurement is cautious. At present, the domestic market is oversupplied and the terminal demand is insufficient. Due to the increase of market bearish factors, caprolactam market followed the decline; the upstream caprolactam weakened, weakening the support for PA6. In October, the traditional "silver ten" peak season has limited repercussions, the downstream operation is generally cautious, and the overall trading is flat. On the spot side, due to the cost side, the manufacturers failed in trying to hold up the price, and the quotation declined in a weak way.

3.Future Market Forecast

SunSirs analysts think: in October, the domestic PA6 market peak season is not strong, and the spot price is weak. The upstream caprolactam continued to decline, supporting the PA6 cost end poorly. Last month brought a period of peak season, the end of the current paragraph can not be sustained. The downstream replenishment operation is cautious and the demand turns to flat. It is expected that PA6 will continue to be sorted out in the near future.

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