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SunSirs: Morning News of Nov 8, SND and SN Went up at Night

November 08 2019 13:15:15     SunSirs (Linda)

On Nov 7, the Tin Commodity Index was 70.11, 0.3 higher than that of yesterday, 30.06% lower than the peak of 100.25 in the cycle (Sep 5, 2011), and 63.58% higher than the lowest point of 42.86 (Dec 9, 2015). (Cycle: Sep 1, 2011 to date)

The U.S. dollar rose 0.198 to 98.147 on the 7th, continued to increase 0.2%. A spokesman for the International Monetary Fund said that if the United States and China reach a first stage trade agreement to phase out tariffs, this may improve the IMF's baseline for global economic forecasts. Affected by these, metals in LME almost increased, CAD increased 1.98%, AHD increased 0.42%, ZSD increased 0.71%, NID increased 0.09%, SND increased 0.18%, PBD increased 0.36%. In terms of the domestic market, RB decreased 0.84%, SS decreased 0.2%, CU increased 0.61%, AL increased 0.42%, ZN increased 0.13%, PB decreased 0.16%, NI decreased 0.31%, SN increased 0.07%. Brent crude closed at 62.37USD, increasing 1.02%; American crude closed at 57.07USD, increasing 1.28%.

SND trend: Last night, the opening price of SND’s electronic disk was 16,585USD/t, the highest one was 16,790USD/t, the lowest one was 16,495USD/t, the closing price was 16,575USD/t, the price increased 30USD/t. The volume was 465 lots all day; Open interest was 17,306 lots, increasing 342 lots. The inventory was 6,540t, the same as before.

SN trend: Last night, the opening price of SN2001 was 137,290RMB/t, the highest one was 137,430RMB/t, the lowest one was 136,910RMB/t, the closing price was 137,020RMB/t, the price increased 80RMB/t. The volume was 5,568 lots, the open interest was 39,166 lots, decreased 218 lots.

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