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SunSirs: Power Rationing and Production Reduction, Cement Prices in East China continue to Rise

September 26 2021 10:18:58     SunSirs (Selena)

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, on September 24, the cement price in East China was 626.00 RMB/ ton, up 3.59% from September 23, the current price rose 34.86% month on month, and the current price rose 34.45% year-on-year.

Recently, the cement market has soared. Since September 22, various regions in Zhejiang have successively started to limit power and production. Some grinding bases have stopped production, and the cement supply has become increasingly tight. Manufacturers in some regions in Zhejiang have notified to raise the cement price again, with an increase of 50 RMB/ ton. After the price increase, the cement price in Zhejiang has exceeded 700 RMB/ ton. Some manufacturers have no goods to ship, the market is in short supply, and the price rises again and again.

According to the prediction of SunSirs, with the strict implementation of the power and production restriction policy, the market demand is just right, the cement inventory may further decline and the supply will become more tight. Therefore, SunSirs cement product analysts believe that the cement market will mainly rise in a short time.


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