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SunSirs: The Market Prices of Butadiene Are Slightly Consolidated.

November 05 2019 14:36:49     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

Recently, the market for butadiene in China has been slightly adjusted. SunSirs monitoring showed that as of November 4, the price of butadiene was 8881 RMB/ton, the price fell 23.31% month-on-month and fell 10.66% year-on-year.


Analysis review

Product: The domestic butadiene market is slightly consolidated. The price of the northeast manufacturers continues to be slightly reduced, which stimulates the downstream to just need to make up the position. The improvement of the supply of goods has brought support to some merchants' mentality. The middlemen often made offers based on this transaction level. The delivery price of superior products in Shandong region was 8400 RMB/ton, and that of Huadong region was 8800 RMB/ton. However, Sinopec and the external market prices continue to decline, and the downstream cautious attitude remains.

Market: The butadiene market in Shandong Province is slightly weak, the price of Fushun Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is lowered, and the transaction is slightly improved. The middlemen make an offer based on this transaction level, and the delivery price of superior products is 8400 RMB/ton, with the actual single negotiation. The butadiene market in East China is dominated by weak consolidation. Sinopec and its external prices continue to decline. The downstream wait-and-see mentality remains unchanged. Sporadic middlemen refer to the prices in the north for offer, and the prices sent to them refer to about 8800-8900 RMB/ton. The actual price is negotiated.

Installation: Yangzi Petrochemical 220,000 tons / year device, 3 # is ong-term parking; 1 # and 2 # total 120,000 tons / year device are normal operation; Zhenhai refining and chemical 165,000 tons / year device is on normal operation, mutual supply, a small amount export; Jiangsu Surbana 100,000 tons / year oxidative dehydrogenation unit is operating normally, supply contract. Inner Mongolia Jiutai 70,000 tons / year device is operating normally, the supply is normal export.


Market outlook

Downstream just need to digest the domestic spot at a slightly lower price node. The market turnover has brought support to some merchants' mentality. In addition, the downstream profit rises and the start of the project is slightly improved, and the market is slightly supported. The export volume of northeast manufacturers is worthy of attention. If the manufacturers continue to increase the volume, the supply will still be under pressure. According to the prediction of butadiene analysts of SunSirs, the overall market decline of domestic butadiene is not big, it is recommended to pay attention to the information guidance.


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