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SunSirs: DOP Prices Fluctuated and Adjusted, and the Market Was Difficult to Stabilize in June

July 02 2021 14:33:05     SunSirs (John)

DOP price trend

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the DOP price first rose and then fell and then rose in June. The DOP price fluctuated and adjusted, and the DOP market was difficult to stabilize. As of June 30, the DOP price was 13,066.67 RMB/ton, an increase of 4.64% from the 12,487.50 RMB/ton on June 1.

Raw material price trend analysis

It can be seen from the 2-EH price chart that in June the price of 2-EH first rose and then fell. The price of 2-EH fluctuated and rebounded. The price of 2-EH rose by 9.1% in June. In June, the cost of DOP increased, the momentum of DOP price increased, and the downward pressure weakened.

From the PA price chart, it can be seen that the price of PA fell first and then rose in June. The price of PA fell slightly in June, down by 1.3%. The upward momentum of DOP increased and the downward pressure still existed.

PVC market stopped falling

According to the monitoring data from SunSirs, the PVC market in June first fell and then rose. In June, PVC prices bottomed out. Due to restrictions on the start of construction and transportation during the "July 1" period, downstream customers increased stocking before the holiday, PVC prices rebounded, DOP demand was general, DOP rising support was insufficient, and DOP downward pressure still existed in the future.

Import and export data

In May 2021, the export volume of DOP was 3,762.86 tons, a year-on-year increase of 172%. The cumulative export volume was 17,321.49 tons, and the cumulative export volume increased by 193% year-on-year. In May 2021, DOP imports were 1,581 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 25%, and the cumulative import volume was 7,962.98 tons, and the cumulative import volume increased by 48% year-on-year. The export volume of DOP increased, the import volume decreased, and the demand for DOP increased.

Market summary and outlook

The DOP data analyst of SunSirs believes that due to the fluctuations in raw material prices, the DOP price in June followed changes, and the DOP market in June was difficult to stabilize. As DOP enters the off-season in the market outlook, DOP imports remain at a low level, while the large increase in export volume stimulates the increase in DOP demand. As the off-season approaches, the export stimulus weakens and the market outlook is insufficient to support the rise. In terms of start-ups, most DOP manufacturers still maintained low load levels in June, but DOP's theoretical profits picked up in June, companies started slowly recovering, and DOP output increased slightly. In general, under the support of DOP cost in the short term, DOP still has certain upward pressure. DOP is expected to fluctuate upward in the short term; in the long term, DOP demand will fall, supply will increase, DOP downward pressure will increase, and the upward momentum will weaken. It is expected that the long-term DOP market will fall, and the price will fluctuate to fall.

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