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SunSirs: The Price of PA6 Adjust Slightly In August

August 30 2019 17:04:29     Sunsirs (Eva)

  1.Price Trend

  According to the data from the Sunsirs, the domestic PA6 market was weak in August, with prices falling. Traders'mainstream offer price of 2.75-2.85 for Sino-Viscose is about RMB 13650.00/ton, which is 2.50% lower than that at the beginning of the month.

  2.Cause analysis

  In August, the starting rate of caprolactam liquids in the upstream of PA66 has increased, the spot supply in the market has improved, and the support of supply and demand has weakened. In July, amide liquids market declined this month, while the spot turnover of caprolactam liquids in East China declined. Upstream product cyclohexanone shock adjustment, cost support weakened. The downstream slice Market is light, the profit of the aggregation plant is difficult, and the enthusiasm of raw material procurement is not high. At the end of the month, the spot supply tends to be balanced, the profit margin of the factory is narrowed, and the price of the merchants is mainly competitive. At present, the market of caprolactam is running steadily. The weakening of caprolactam weakens the support for the cost of PA6. The domestic spot supply of PA6 is relatively sufficient, and the follow-up improvement of downstream demand is limited to maintain the purchasing just needed. In the mid-term, the US news of the postponement of the release of China's tariff policy was positive. Domestic business confidence improved and the decline of PA6 eased. However, high-price orders were still difficult to deliver, traders had greater resistance to shipment, and buyers and sellers were cautious in their operation.

  3.Future Market Forecast

  Sunsirs analysts believe that: in August PA6 upstream caprolactam fell at the beginning of the month, weak and stable adjustment. The cost-side support for PA6 is weakened. Sino-US trade frictions release easing signals to boost business confidence, but PA6 downstream stock follow-up mood is general, demand has not improved, there is resistance to delivery. Spot supply of domestic PA6 is stable, and it is expected that PA6 will dominate in the near future.

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