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SunSirs: After Half a Month of Stabilization, the Domestic Market Price of N-propanol Finally Rose

March 18 2021 13:38:05     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the price monitoring data of SunSirs, as of March 17, the average reference price of domestically produced n-propanol with packaging in mainstream areas was around 11,133 RMB/ton, which increased by 400 RMB/ton, or an increase of 3.73% compared to the price at the beginning of March (the reference price was 10,733 RMB/ton on March 1). Compared with the price after the Spring Festival (the reference price of 10,700 RMB/ton on February 18), the average price was raised by 433 RMB/ton, an increase of 4.05%.

Stable operation for half a month, the domestic n-propanol market finally rose

In the first half of March, the overall trend of the domestic n-propanol market was stable. In the second half of March, supported by the rising market price of raw material ethylene, the offer price of n-propanol went up as the cost increased. On the 16th, the ex-factory price of n-propanol bulk water in Shandong was increased by 300-600 RMB/ton, the mainstream ex-factory price of n-propanol in Shandong market was referenced at 10,100-11,000 RMB/ton (bulk water), and the ex-factory price of n-propanol bulk water in Nanjing was increased by 400- 500 RMB/ton, the mainstream ex-factory price of n-propanol in the Nanjing market was 10,000-10,600 RMB/ton (bulk water). As of the 17th, the n-propanol enterprises started operations normally, the downstream has maintained rigid demand, the inventory was moderate, and the market ran smoothly after the rise.

Nanjing Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd. (formerly Nanjing Wujiang Chemical), the production facility of n-propanol has started normally and is currently operating at full capacity. The ex-factory price of n-propanol is 10,000 RMB/ton (bulk water), an increase of 400 RMB/ton from the beginning of March. In Shandong, Jinan Mingyu Chemical Co., Ltd. quote 11,600 RMB/ton for n-propanol (barreled/domestic), and Aite (Shandong) New Materials Co., Ltd. quote 10,600 RMB/ton for n-propanol (bulk water/domestic). Local distributors still have reservations about prices. The difficulty of monitoring prices may lead to differences in specific negotiations. Each region is also different. The actual orders are mainly based on negotiations. The market outlook will wait and see the changes in raw material prices and shipments.

In terms of raw materials, the external ethylene market fluctuated slightly after the recent overall rise, and the overall market was at a high level. As of the 16th, the European ethylene market quotation, FD Northwest Europe quoted 1,219-1,231 US dollars/ton, up 2 US dollars/ton, CIF Northwest Europe quoted 1,208-1,219 US dollars/ton, down 2 US dollars/ton; US ethylene market quotations, FD America Bay offered 1,288-1,300 US dollars/ton; Asian ethylene market, CFR Northeast Asia quoted 1,127-1,135 US dollars/ton, down 70 US dollars/ton, CFR Southeast Asia quotes 1,072-1,080 US dollars/ton, down 70 US dollars/ton.

The market outlook for n-propanol is likely to remain stable

The price of raw materials is high and the cost of domestic n-propanol has improved. The current supply and demand are relatively stable. Therefore, the n-propanol data analysts of SunSirs believe that the domestic market price of n-propanol will stabilize in the future. The specific trend also needs to pay attention to the cost of raw materials and the shipment situation.

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