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SunSirs: The Market Price of Melamine Fell on October 22

October 24 2019 15:16:08     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, as of October 22, the market price of melamine fell, compared with 21%, down 1.59%. On the 22nd, the domestic mainstream melamine price was 5400~6000 RMB/ton.


Analysis review

Products: On the 22nd, domestic melamine market prices fell. The operating rate of melamine is at a high level, the demand in the terminal market is sluggish, and the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent. At present, the mainstream price of melamine market in Xinjiang is around 5050 RMB/ton; the mainstream price of melamine market in Sichuan is around 5600 RMB/ton; the mainstream price of melamine market in Henan is around 5700 RMB/ton. The mainstream quotation of the melamine market in Shandong is around RMB 5,700/ton.

Industry chain: The ex-factory price of the upstream urea in Shandong region (10.18-10.22) fell slightly, with a decrease of 1.12%. The upstream liquid ammonia price (10.18-10.22) fell slightly, with a drop of 1.05%. The downstream papermaking, sheet metal, molding compound and other industries started to be sluggish, and the actual demand is still poor. The industry is not confident enough.


Market outlook

The melamine analysts of SunSirs believe that the upstream raw material prices are weak, the cost is negative, and the market supply and demand contradictions are sharp. There is no strong positive support. It is expected that the melamine market will be weakly consolidating in the short term.


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