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SunSirs: Cryolite Prices Rose Slightly in November

December 02 2020 13:32:38     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to data from SunSirs’ bulk list, the market price of cryolite rose slightly in November. The average market price at the end of the month was 5,800 RMB/ton, an increase of 1.16% from 5,733.33 RMB/ton at the beginning of the month, and a 4.92% year-on-year drop.

Analysis review

The cryolite market was weak and stable this month. During the month, the factory installations started normally, the inventory was sufficient, the downstream demand was average, the companies mostly sold by order, and the market was fair. As of the end of November, the ex-factory price of cryolite in Henan was 5,000-6,200 RMB/ton, which was an increase of 200 RMB/ton from the previous month, the price of cryolite in Shandong was increased by 300 RMB/ton, and the ex-factory price was 5,500-6,800 RMB/ton. The actual transaction price was flexible, and it was mainly negotiated.

On the upstream side, the price trend of the domestic fluorite market declined slightly. At the end of the month, the average domestic fluorite price was 2,66.67 RMB/ton, a decrease of 0.21% during the month. Domestic fluorite manufacturers have started their installations normally, the supply of fluorite on the market is sufficient, the downstream demand is general, the orders of manufacturers are small, and the market price is volatile. It is expected that the fluorite market will be weakened in the later period. In terms of downstream electrolytic aluminum, social inventories continue to decline, and domestic demand is strong. With the steady rise of domestic manufacturing, downstream consumption increases, electrolytic aluminum demand rebounds, and the supply is better, and the market may fluctuate upward in the later period.

Market outlook

At present, cryolite enterprises are operating normally, with sufficient market inventory, and there is no significant improvement in downstream demand. Market transactions remain weak and steady. The cryolite market is expected to operate weakly and steadily in the later period.

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